About Maxim

Maxim Knight stars on TNT’s new sci-fi drama “Falling Skies,” and earned a Young Artist Award for his performance in the first season.  The new hit series from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg begins its second season on Sunday, June 17th, 2012 at 9PM with a special 2-hour spisode. The story chronicles the chaotic aftermath of an alien attack, leaving most of the world incapacitated. Maxim plays the role of “Matt Mason,” son to “Tom Mason” (Noah Wyle) and younger brother to “Hal Mason” (Drew Roy) and “Ben Mason” (Connor Jessup). Maxim’s character represents humanity and the “heart” of the show’s complex storyline. In the pilot episode, his character pleads, “Dad, I just want everything back the way it was.” This innocent line sums up the plot as the series unfolds, focusing on the resilience of the survivors and the Mason family’s determination to maintain their humanity and existence when all else has been destroyed.  In Season 2, we watch as Matt struggles to find his place in a world torn apart by war and destruction, and the risks he takes to prove he’s not a little boy anymore.

At the age of 12, Maxim already has over 60 film, television, commercial and voice over credits.  At 7, Maxim booked his first feature film, starring opposite Melissa Leo, Nick Cannon, Rosanna Arquette & Chris “Ludicris” Bridges in “Ball Don’t Lie.”  Maxim portrayed “Sticky,” a young boy who is witness to his mother’s suicide and has to face and ultimately triumph over life’s challenges and unfair circumstances.

He will next star on the big screen in “Home for Christmas,” a charming holiday tale starring Shantel VanSanten, Rob Mayes, Orson Bean and Alex Peters. Maxim’s character “Richie” learns life lessons about  love, heartbreak, and the value of second chances.

Maxim continues to showcase his dramatic chops with numerous appearances on hit shows such as CBS’s “Criminal Minds” and “Three Rivers,” NBC’s “Parenthood,” ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters,” and A&E’s “The Cleaner.” His guest-starring role on CBS’s “CSI: Miami” earned him a 2012 Young Artist Award Nomination.

Alum of the famed Second City improv school, Maxim’s comedic strengths are undeniable. He held his own opposite comedian Frank Caliendo on TBS’s “Frank TV,” and generated big laughs on FX’s quirky new show “Wilfred” & the Hallmark Channel’s heartwarming holiday classic “Our First Christmas,” starring opposite Dixie Carter. His performance in “Our First Christmas” earned him a Leading Young Actor nomination for the 2009 Young Artist Awards. Most recently, he brought his brand of funny to FX’s long-running “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” in a scene so hysterical it was featured on TBS’s “Conan” to promote the new season!

Maxim is also an accomplished voice over artist, with credits including Judd Apatow’s “Bridesmaids,” Warner Bros.’ “Happy Feet Two,” Twentieth Century Fox’s “We Bought a Zoo” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules”, Columbia Pictures’ “The Smurfs,” Nickelodeon’s “WINX Club,” Disney Channel’s “Fish Hooks,” and multiple episodes of “Special Agent Oso.” Most recently he voiced the character of Mowgli in the new XBOX Kinect video game “Disneyland Adventures.”

Maxim’s love for the entertainment business started in first grade, when he turned an ordinary composition book into his “movie journal” and filled it with his first screenplay, entitled “Magical Darkness.” By year’s end, Maxim produced, cast, and directed his masterpiece, including choosing the musical score.

Writing, producing, acting, directing and composing are only the tip of Maxim Knight’s talents and interests. Maxim is a voracious reader, with a special love for fantasy fiction. Also a gaming expert, Maxim aspires to create a new line of educational video games to encourage and challenge kids to read, games that parents can also feel confident buying for their kids. Maxim proved his passion in a recent persuasive essay for school, as he wrote about the value of playing video games and cited important life skills they may teach. His encyclopedic knowledge and vision for the gaming future parallel the inventive thinking of a young Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. A Dean’s List student, he earned a perfect score on California’s Gifted and Talented Education Program qualifying test and has garnered numerous academic awards, including the Accelerated Reader Award, Class Spelling Bee Champion, and several Citizenship and Creativity Awards.

Maxim’s unique natural talent as a public speaker earned him the school’s Junior Toastmasters title for his fourth grade speech entitled, “Disneyland, What You Don’t Know.” As a young scholar, Maxim has always strived to encourage the importance of literacy and continues to donate his time to the National Education Association’s (NEA’s) distinguished “Read Across America” program, along with celebrities like Justin Bieber and our nation’s First Lady Michelle Obama, to support the NEA’s mission to motivate children to read.

In addition, Maxim has an advanced awareness and genuine concern about world events, the political landscape in the U.S., dangers to the environment and other far-reaching issues. He is a passionate young philanthropist, and is determined to do what he can to protect the welfare of others, especially children and animals. He aspires to establish and support many charities and foundations, hoping his voice as a celebrity will impact positive changes in the world.

For fun, Maxim loves to travel and explore other cultures. His film projects have taken him from his hometown in Hawaii to Toronto, Vancouver and faraway places like Romania. He also enjoys nature hikes, swimming, skiing, and bicycling. Thanks to his “Falling Skies” character’s love of riding a Ripstik caster board, Maxim has a new passion for the sport and has become a skilled rider.

Maxim currently resides in Los Angeles with his mother and the family felines, Jingles and Butterscotch, both adopted from a local shelter. He maintains a residence in Hawaii, where his father and younger brother keep the home fires burning. The physical separation is a huge sacrifice, but family bonds are kept strong with frequent visits and vacations.

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