“Our First Christmas” on Hallmark

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Maxim was nominated for the 2009 Young Artist Award for Best Performance in a TV Movie, Miniseries or Special – Leading Young Actor for: Our First Christmas (2008) (TV).

“Our First Christmas,” starring John Ratzenberger and the late Dixie Carter, is a heart-warming movie to share with family and friends over the holidays.

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Cindy (Julie Warner) and Tom (Steven Eckholdt) Baer-Neil have been married for nearly a year, each having lost their first spouse.   With the holidays just around the corner, Cindy and Tom are determined to make the new family’s first Christmas perfect.  But Cindy’s daughter, Tory (Cassi Thomson), is looking forward to the annual tradition of going skiing with her Gramma Evie (Dixie Carter), their late father’s mother, and Tom’s kids, Jacob (Maxim Knight) and Lily (Grace Fulton) are set on being in the annual pageant directed by Grandpa Joe (John Ratzenberger), the father of the mom they lost.  The two traditions conflict, and there’s no way everyone can do both. Something’s got to give for there to be a compromise.

The Baer-Neil kids, however, only want to take part in the traditions they’ve gotten used to and don’t have any interest in bonding with their new siblings.  Tory talks to Jacob and Lily, and together they launch a mischievous plan to get their way!

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