“Special Agent Oso” on Disney Channel

“Special Agent Oso,” starring Sean Astin, is a delightful children’s show that teaches skills in a fun, accessible way.  Maxim has lent his voice over talent to 6 episodes of “Special Agent Oso,”  including:

  • “Dr. Juice / For Your Nose Only” — Maxim plays Thomas, who wants to learn how to blow his nose
  • “A View to a Mask / Pumpkin Eyes” — Maxim plays Kevin, who wants to make a fierce mask for Halloween
  • “Dr. Throw / Nobody Plays ‘It’ Better” — Maxim plays Alexander, who wants to learn how to play Tag with his friends
  • “License to Cheer Up / You Only Vote Once” — Maxim plays Gavin, who wants to cheer up his sad friend
  • “On Old MacDonald’s Special Song / Snapfinger” — Maxim plays Henry, who wants to learn to play “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” on the piano.  In this episode, Henry’s grandfather is played by Mel Brooks.
  • “The Manny with the Golden Bear” — Maxim plays David, who wants to learn how to ride his bicycle without training wheels.  Wilmer Valderrama voices Handy Manny.
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